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An Obese Dog Saved an Obese Man’s Life

Six years ago, Eric O’Grey was essentially given a death sentence by his doctor because of his weight and uncontrolled diabetes. That all changed when he adopted a shelter dog, Peety.

SFGate reported on this man and his dog in a heartwarming video which you can read about here. In 2010, O’Grey weighed nearly 340 pounds, had Type 2 diabetes, and was paying about one thousand dollars a month on medication. Embarrassed at his physical state and feeling hopeless, he isolated himself.

Then on one business trip, O’Grey tried to board a plane only to realize that no seat belt extension they had would be able to strap him in. His weight delayed the flight.

After this incident, he went to a nutritionist who suggested he get a shelter dog to help fight isolation and to get him active. He decided to seek out an obese, middle-aged dog. He felt a connection to an overweight dog named Peety, who seemed to be in a similar lonely, hopeless place.

Their relationship blossomed rapidly. Besides the emotional support the two provided each other, they also went on walks daily. With Peety in his life, O’Grey felt motivated to eat healthier and live cleaner. In a year, he had lost over 140 pounds, was off all medications, and his Type 2 diabetes was in remission. Peety also lost about 25 pounds. O’Grey even ended up running an entire marathon.

O’Grey remarks that Peety gave him hope. When he looked into the dog’s eyes, he could tell Peety really believed in him. Peety has since passed away – and O’Grey still gets emotional talking about his death. He has since adopted a new shelter dog, Jake, who is his running partner..

If you’re interested in adopting a dog, visit to your local shelter or AdoptAPet.com.

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Emma Dunn is a Writing, Literature, and Publishing student at Emerson College in Boston. Besides writing for Type2Nation and Insulin Nation, she also writes for the online publication, The Odyssey.

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