Treatment of Type2 Diabetes

Low-cost Supplement helps you Achieve and Maintain Healthy A1c levels and Insulin Resistance

Nutritional aid shows fast reductions in A1c and improved insulin resistance for people with Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes

We interviewed Dr. John Burd, who is modestly called ‘The Man Who Outsmarted Glycated Proteins’ about Lysulin — — a food supplement that recent clinical trials have shown improved glycemic control, reduced progression to diabetes in those with pre-diabetes, and a beneficial reduction in total and LDL cholesterol levels.

Dr. Burd was the founding CEO of Dexcom in 1999 so he has a long track record of innovation in diabetes.

Why Lysulin?

“Glucose becomes toxic to your body at high levels.  It damages normal protein structures and leads to the heart, kidney, and nerve issues that are common to people with diabetes.  

“This process is called glycation and glycated proteins are responsible for many disease complications that affect people with diabetes and is also impacting millions of people who are pre-diabetic.

“A literature review reveals that glycated proteins also play a role in age-related dysfunction of the eye, including, diabetic retinopathy, cataract formation, and age-related macular degeneration among other problems. 

“I went looking for a way to reduce this glucose-caused damage and minimize complications. 

“From a biochemical perspective I realized that when glucose reacts with the amino acid Lysine, it can no longer react with proteins so toxicity is lessened. Instead, a glycated amino acid is formed which the body removes in the urine.

“This resulted in my creating Lysulin, which is a patented formulation that contains L-Lysine, Zinc, and Vitamin C. 

  • Lysine maintains healthy glucose and glycated proteins 
  • Zinc maintains healthy glucose and glycated proteins and improves the lipid profile 
  • Vitamin C maintains healthy glucose and HbA1c

Packaging Lysulin as a food supplement enables pricing that anyone can afford and get it over the counter, without the need for a prescription.”

Here is a video with Dr. John Burd explaining why he created Lysulin.

Therapeutic Action

“Each serving of two 560mg Lysulin tablets shields your body from the glucose you get from sugars and carbohydrates.  

“We recommend taking 3 servings per day and most people who take Lysulin regularly will quickly see a significant reduction in their A1c without changing their diet.

“Soon, we will also have a once-a-day Lysulin powder that can mix with water or coffee.”

Get Your Lysulin Today

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Science behind Lysulin

High levels of glucose in your blood become toxic to your normal tissues.  The glucose reacts chemically with these tissues and damages them. Over time, this damage accumulates and reduces the function of muscles, organs, nerves, and skin.

Diabetes medications such as metformin, SGLT2, and GLP-1 drugs reduce blood sugar levels but many people with diabetes continue to have A1c’s that are dangerously high. 

Lysulin is not a replacement for the medications you take for your diabetes.  Instead, Lysulin is a practical way to maintain healthy glucose levels in your blood.  

The glucose that is absorbed by Lysulin is harmlessly discharged from your body via normal urination.


  1. Prevention of non-enzymatic glycosylation (glycation): Implication in the treatment of diabetic complication
  2. Hemoglobin a1c (hba1c) shows improvement in glycemic control in as little as two weeks following the addition of lysulin™, to the treatment of diabetes
  3. Hemoglobin a1c (hba1c) shows improvement in glycemic control in as little as two weeks following the addition of lysulin™, to the treatment of diabetes 

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