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iGlucose Is Simple, Affordable and Connected

Cellular BG Platform Costs Less Than Most Co-Pays; Enables Many Other Services

Cliff McIntosh, CEO of Smart Meter, which he has led since 2014

We spoke with Cliff McIntosh, CEO of Smart Meter, which he has led since 2014, following success in other start-ups and 25 years with Johnson & Johnson. Visit to learn more.

Providing a simple and effective user experience is the core value proposition for Smart Meter and its iGlucose platform.

To do this, the iGlucose meter:

  • Provides BG measurements in 5 seconds from one drop of blood
  • Has a built-in cellular data connection that is supported seamlessly worldwide by Vodaphone
  • Automatically logs each person’s BG measurements in an online logbook
  • Can provide family and care professionals automatic updates via text messages or emails
  • Does not require or need Wi-Fi or an app to be installed or managed on your smartphone

iGlucose Is Built for Partnerships

Its data sharing API enables other companies to integrate BG measurements into their services.

It already integrates directly with electronic medical record (EMR) systems and its API enables easy expansion of direct EMR integrations in the future.

It supports population health management systems and the new billing codes from CMS for remote patient management (RPM).

Company Evolution

Smart Meter was founded to provide a simple way to collect and share blood glucose data. Initially, meters and test strips were the primary focus. The focus in recent years has been to simplify usage, improve sharing of BG data and reduce costs.



  • Company founded


  • Cliff McIntosh becomes CEO
  • Obtains additional $4 million investment


  • Product development and supply agreement with Bionime, the Taiwan-based biotech firm with a unique test strip structure
  • Partnership with Vodafone for its global IoT network in 160+ countries
  • Develops back end software technology and portal


  • Completes design of new, affordable cellular glucose meter with fast test cycle that gives BG results in 5 seconds
  • Begins hiring experienced staff
Package containing iGlucose meter and supplies that each consumer gets from Smart Meter


  • Receives 510(k) clearance from US FDA and CE Mark for iGlucose® BGM System
  • Obtains additional $5 million investment


  • Signs supply agreement with CCS Medical.
  • Begins shipping production volumes of the new low-cost meter with the built-in cellular data chip
  • Signs distribution and technology partnerships with Mellitus Health and Glytec

Active Partnerships

Today, Smart Meter has many active partnerships (publicly announced):

  • Insulin Dosing – (e.g. Mellitus Health, Glytec, Hygieia)
  • Data Management – (e.g. Glooko)
    Diagnostic Systems – (e.g. Diasyst, Rimidi)
  • Wellness platforms – (e.g. CCS Living Connected)
  • Health Systems
  • Physician Associations
  • Pharmacy Chains
  • Insurance Carriers

International Growth

iGlucose’s platform works in all markets served by the Vodaphone network, which is virtually every country in the world. Smart Meter is working to roll out its iGlucose service via partners in France, Germany, the UK and several countries in the Middle East.

iGlucose’s Easy Care Program

The iGlucose Easy Care Plan is just being introduced. The tagline for this all-inclusive subscription service is ‘Just test. We do the rest.’

Self-pay and high-co-pay customers are the targets for this service. The costs are affordable; a daily testing regimen costs less than $20/month. This is less than the co-pay cost for most private insurance.

Big Future

Payers are looking for low-cost T2D solutions that improve care. Healthcare providers value better care opportunities from connected BG monitoring along with enhanced reimbursement.

Smart Meter is determined to provide low-cost glucose monitoring/data sharing to everyone with diabetes, especially at-risk patients. This is a lofty goal, but the steps which Smart Meter has taken in recent years have positioned it to be an important part of connected diabetes care.

Martin is the Founder of SelfRx Media and editor-in-chief of Type 2 Nation. He's passionate about sharing knowledge with people with Diabetes.

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