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When is Connected Diabetes Care Intrusive?

Mayo Clinic and the French National Institute Sponsor Survey

Connected care is revolutionizing diabetes management through digital innovation such as wearable sensors and artificial intelligence, aiming to facilitate daily life.

The French National Institute for Health and Medical Research, in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, have launched an international survey to identify how adults, with type 1 or 2 diabetes, would perceive using remote digital monitoring in their medical care. Specifically, which aspects would be intrusive in personal life and privacy, and which would be reassuring.

Study aims to identify what patients think of taking their diabetes care digital and its impact on their private lives.

Wearing a digital device in public, logging personal information and responding to alerts from devices could be a burdensome intrusion of privacy for many patients. Automated follow-up could represent a disruption in the patient-physician relationship.

The Connected Diabetes Care survey aims to identify which aspects of connected care patients find intrusive or reassuring. Participants are asked to rate different possible forms of using digital tools to monitor and manage their diabetes and to share their views and expectations of how digital transformation would affect their lives.

The study was developed by a team of social scientists, physicians, epidemiologists, and patients to advance patient-centered care.  The intent of the study is to establish a paradigm of respectful digital innovation in medicine.

Adults with diabetes type 1 or 2 can take the 15-minute online survey, in English or French at

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